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Welcome to Cultural Wellness Training Programs

We’re working to empower America’s health and wellness transformation by equipping health, public health and mental health providers and practitioners with training and tools to serve their communities, eliminate barriers to care, and improve health outcomes and opportunities for optimal health and wellness. Our mission is to enable providers and practitioners to empower their clients to reach their own unique optimal health and wellness by respecting and valuing what makes each person unique. Learn more about the Cultural Wellness Program Partnership here, or view the entire course library below. 

How It Works

STEP 1: We’re making learning for providers and practitioners easier than ever before by providing accessible opportunities meet your learning needs and goals.

  • In-Person/Live Online Trainings – Receive in-person or live-online training for your organization or agency from one of our instructors. (Learn more here.)
  • On-Demand – Receive online training on-demand 24/7 at times and places convenient for you. Explore course modules directly on the home page library below. To get the most out of Cultural Wellness Training, we recommend starting with Track 1: Whole Person Approach, and going from there. 
  • Enroll in the Cultural Wellness Online Training Program – Track your progress through the courses and receive automatic updates when new courses are added. Explore modules in your account and keep track of your progress. 

STEP 2: Complete the evaluation for the course and receive your Certificate(s) of Completion. NOTE: If you’ve already received an in-person or live online training, you can access the Evaluation and Certificate program by going directly to that module’s Evaluation link on the home page. Of course, we encourage you to explore all Cultural Wellness Training Program courses while you’re here! 

STEP 3: Start making positive change for your clients and communities!

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Your Voice Matters, Too!

Our Colorado/National partnership was fortunate to receive support to provide Cultural Wellness Trainings to Colorado providers and practitioners to increase access to care and eliminate disparities. We want to make sure our programs and services are equipping providers with the right tools and having a positive impact in Colorado’s communities. The data we collect from our training evaluations will help us ensure Colorado’s most vulnerable communities are benefiting from the trainings we provide. In addition, as each of our partners have deep Colorado ties as well as national heath equity priorities, we recognize the value of cross-regional learning. We know Colorado is a national leader in the efforts eliminate disparities, and that feedback from Colorado providers – as well as providers outside of Colorado – can help not only improve access to care in Colorado, but also across the nation. Our online training portal is currently in beta testing and we’re dedicated to continuous improvement. Your completion of the evaluation and certificate program at the end of each module is greatly appreciated, and can help make sure we’re providing the best services possible to empower agencies and providers to eliminate barriers, retain providers, and improve health outcomes. If you received an in-person training from one of our Cultural Wellness Instructors, please complete the evaluation here. You can also receive your Certificate of Completion when you submit your evaluation. 

Track 1: Core Competencies 

These baseline trainings introduce providers to core Cultural Wellness techniques: Whole Person Approach; Cultural Validation and Cultural Integration: Peer to Peer. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify the importance of Culture, Cultural Wellness techniques, and the Whole Person Approach in improving health outcomes
  • Identify the key strategies in Cultural Validation that improve access to care and reduce disparities
  • Explore examples of Cultural Integration: Peer to Peer methods that can help to accelerate health and wellness outcomes at the community and cultural level

Whole Person Centered Approach
(Video: 20 Mins)



Cultural Validation 
(Video: 28 Mins)



Cultural Integration: Peer to Peer
(Video: 25 Mins)



The Power of Cultural Validation:
Spanish Version

The Cultural Wellness Training Program is pleased to host The Power of Cultural Validation for Spanish-Speaking Public Health Officials, Community Health Workers, and Promotoras.

El Podar de la Validacion el Cultural
(Video: 10 Mins)

Track 2: Understanding & Reaching Disparately Impacted Populations

Cultural Wellness trainings are specially designed to help providers and practitioners better connect with their clients, remove barriers to access, and improve health outcomes, particularly for disparately impacted populations. Our panel of instructors have both professional and lived experiences with the topics they teach. Our panelists and populations are just beginning, and we look forward to adding new presenters soon. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Define key terminology and background information for diverse and disparately impacted people and populations
  • Identify key disparities faced by different people and communities using the Whole Person Approach
  • Explore key Cultural Validation strategies for breaking down barriers to accessibility and inclusion for specific populations
  • Identify ways to utilize Cultural Integration and Peer to Peer methods
  • Identify best practices that help ensure clients and patients feel safe, heard, valued and respected

Identifying Disparities and Interrupting Bias and Prejudice
(Video: 40 mins)



Introduction to People Experiencing a Mental Health Illness
(Video: 47 mins)



Introduction to People Who Have Experienced Incarceration
(Video: 49 mins)



Introduction to LGBTQ+ Communities
(Video: 60 mins)



Introduction to People Experiencing Homelessness, Poverty and Lower Income
(Video: 62 Minutes)



Coming Soon: Introduction to Black and African American Communities

Coming Soon: Introduction to Immigrant Communities

Track 3: Provider & Agency Tools

These trainings address core needs at the provider, agency and systemic level to create an organizational culture of Cultural Wellness. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognize opportunities for systemic changes that can help improve accessibility, inclusion and wellness at the agency level
  • Identify and make use of tools for eliminating barriers and improving health outcomes

Coming May 2024: Introduction to Inclusive and Accessible Demographic Collection

Coming May 2024: Introduction to Mobility Accessibility

Coming Soon: Introduction to Self-Care for Providers


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Cultural Wellness Trainings are designed to be accessible and inclusive for providers and agencies. Our training programs can be presented in person or live online via Zoom at conferences, agency events and meetings. We’re happy to tailor and customize our presentations to your topics and audiences. 

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