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About Us

I Am Well Foundation is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering all people to identify, achieve and maintain their own unique optimal health and wellness. Together with Julissa Soto Latino Health Equity Consulting, All People Thriving and additional partners, we’ve developed Cultural Wellness Training Programs to equip providers, practitioners and agencies with the tools they need to bring this vision to life. 

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to enable providers and practitioners to empower their clients to reach their own unique optimal health and wellness by respecting and valuing what makes each person unique.

  • Goal 1: Providers and practitioners in Colorado and throughout the United States are equipped with training and techniques to eliminate barriers to care and improve health outcomes. 
  • Goal 2: Providers and practitioners are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the content and intention to integrate new knowledge and tools into their practices and agencies.
  • Goal 3: People and populations have increased health outcomes because providers do or plan to implement lessons learned. 

What is Cultural Wellness?

Cultural Wellness is a set of frameworks and techniques that equip providers and practitioners to empower their clients and patients to reach their own unique optimal health and wellness by:

  • Viewing each person as a whole, unique individual;
  • Being aware of and respecting the unique cultural backgrounds and identities of clients and patients, and meeting clients and communities where they are;
  • Utilizing marketing, outreach strategies and messaging that clients and communities can understand and relate to based on their own unique cultural values and backgrounds; and
  • Improving and building genuine and authentic relationships.

Who Is Cultural Wellness Training For? 

Cultural Wellness Trainings are designed for: 

  • Health and wellness providers and practitioners in Colorado and throughout the United States;
  • Public health officials, policy-makers and community engagement workers;
  • Mental health and social service workers;
  • Policymakers, funders and health equity advocates and professionals;
  • Learners interested in eliminating disparities, reducing barriers to care, improving health outcomes, and empowering clients and patients to identify, achieve and maintain their own unique optimal health and wellness; and 
  • All I Am Well Foundation Provider Partners and Practitioners. 

What Makes Cultural Wellness Training Unique?

  • Community and Provider Led: Cultural Wellness Training Programs are designed and developed by dedicated people who have both professional and lived experiences in the topics they cover. Our instructors know how systems work and the real-world impact of systems on people.
  • Accessibility Matters: We know providers and practitioners are busy serving their clients and communities, and that each person has unique learning needs. We provide in-person training, live online training, and fixed content trainings so that providers and practitioners and agencies can get the training format that works best for them. 
  • Training for Change: Our trainings are designed to equip providers, practitioners and decision-makers with training and techniques that result in real world change to reduce barriers to care and increase health outcomes. We’re diligent about following up with evaluation tools and our certificate-of-completion-program to help measure our impact on providers and the communities they serve. 

Where We’ve Been

We launched in November 2023 and we’re just getting started! Contact us today to request an in-person or live online presentation.

We’ve provided more than 25 trainings in Colorado so far.

Here are just a few of the places we’ve been:

  • Broomfield County Health Department, CO
  • Douglas County Health Department, CO
  • McMeen Elementary School, CO
  • Ashley Elementary School, CO
  • The FNE Community Hub, CO
  • The Catholic Medical Association and Rocky Vista University, CO
  • Public Health & Parks & Recreation Summit, CO
  • Amplifying Youth Voices Summit, CO
  • Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, CO
  • University of Colorado, CO

Here are a few places we’ve been Nationwide:

  • Alabama Medicaid Agency, AL
  • Alabama Board of Nursing, AL
  • Indiana Pharmacy Association, IN

Request Training

Here’s what Colorado Providers are saying: 

“Yes was very useful. Julissa Soto was beneficial for me as a Family Service Worker. Her training was powerful and informative!”

“Julissa Soto was the best presenter I’ve ever experienced! She was real and genuine!”

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This was Amazing and empowering!”

“The training reminded me to be more intentional in connecting with all of our community.”

“The training was one of the best I’ve ever been a part of! Everything mentioned was applicable to my role. Had my attention the entire time.”

“Today was great. Bringing Julissa, she was great because she knows the families and I resonated a lot with her story. Thank you!”

“Training was useful because I work with families of different backgrounds, and it is helpful to learn how to approach families and build bonds.”

“The training was useful in reigniting my passion for serving our families. This training gave me new ideas on how to serve all families as well. Huge thank you😊”

“Cultural Validation- able to better understand strategies and the importance of bias and diverse community.”

“I appreciated his repetition of “safe, welcome, valued, heard” That struck a cord.”

“Ryan did a really fantastic job presenting his story in a powerful way for the audience. I think it was engaging for a large spectrum of folks and felt like he invited folks in.”

“Gah, I really loved this one. My favorite for the day!”

“Your message was inspiring; you had 100% of the room’s attention captured.”